detta dada is based in Rome.
The creations are manufactured entirely in Italy, using artisanal methods. We use natural materials, such as linen, organic cotton, bamboo. Since these materials are not well suited to swimwear, for this line we use lycra, which does not contain toxins.  

We are environmentally concerned, and therefore we only use recycled paper for brochures, packaging, etc.

detta dada is geared towards a mid-to-high level market, and balances between the playful tastes of children and the more refined tastes of parents, who look for high quality fabrics and a certain sartorial flair.  
detta dada would like to represent the child within its natural environment, purposefully avoiding explicit references that belong exclusively to the realm of the adults. Nevertheless, we did not want to renounce originality, and were inspired by the 20's and 30's and the idea of travel as a medium for personal growth.

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